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Saturday, July 21st 2012

12:35 PM

Preteen brothers pics


Related article: Date: 6 May 2001 18:43:39 -0700 From: TS Candyman Subject: Daddy Daddy Part 7I apologize to everyone who has so patiently waited (and those who have not) for this next installment. It is for all of you that I keep writing these stories. I also dedicate this chapter to someone preteen photo pedophilie who has been sharing his life story with me. I thank you for that from the bottom (and top) of my heart.All the usual disclaimers apply. Author retains all rights -- except those granted to Nifty Archive. No reproductions are allowed to pay sites or sites that require an AVS, unless written permission is obtained from the author.All comments welcome - flames ignored.Love, luck & lollipops,The CandyMan tscandymanicqmail.com------------------------------------------Daddy Daddy Part 7 -- Family FunI glanced at my watch. I had one final appointment today and they were late. I had already let everyone else go home for the night and managed to straighten up most of the studio. I was about to give up when I heard the front door open. Finally!I stepped out from the back. There before me were two of the most gorgeous young Latino men I have ever laid eyes on."Hey, we're here for a photo shoot," the taller of the two said smiling at me. "I'm Tony and this is my brother, Frankie. Last name is Espinosa." He was about six foot one, looked to be about 24 years old, nice toned build. His brother looked to be a few years younger but was about the same height and build. They could almost be twins.'Yeah," I said finally finding my tongue, "I've been expecting you." I just wasn't expecting you to be this gorgeous, I thought to myself. "Come in to the studio. Now, you were wanting some portraits done. Together or separate or both," I asked.I led them back to the portrait room.The brothers looked at each other quickly. "Well, we wanted some of both to be sent to the family and then we kind of wanted some for our own," Tony said.I stopped and looked at them for a moment. "What kind of photos are you wanting for your own," I asked. I had a sneaky suspicion but was not too sure. The whole incest thing was new to me still and I wasn't sure how many other guys were into it. Funny, just a few months ago I wouldn't have thought they were doing anything together. Now though, I could easily picture them entwined in each other's embrace."Umm," the younger brother, Frankie said, "well, we have seen your books and kind of wondered..""You want some more intimate pictures of the two of you together," I finished."We're both over 21 if that's your concern," Tony said biting his lower lip.I looked at them. They were cute. They had just admitted what I was thinking and they weren't sure how I would react. My books did include some rather suggestive poses -- including nude male with male shots. "Just how intimate," I asked seriously. I was enjoying playing with them a little.I already knew I was going to do it. I just wouldn't photograph any sexual intercourse, especially incestuous. There was still something about it that I couldn't bring myself to do it. (Not to say that I didn't want to but I was running a respectable 'family' studio here. Okay, gay-lesbian 'family' but still..)"Nudes, together," Tony said almost whispering."I can do that," I said smiling at them. "The fee is higher though.""No problem," Frankie said.After discussing the family shots they wanted, I got the portraits done. Just as I was about to begin the more intimate shots I realized the time. "Hold on, guys," I said. "I need to call my son and let him know that I am running late leaving here.""Sure," Tony said pulling his shirt preteens supermodel toplist off. I noticed he had a very nice chest. "Mind if we get ready for the next portraits?""Not at all," I said as I could feel my cock stirring. I ran to the front of the studio. I locked the door first since I had forgotten to earlier. I then dialed home."Hello?" Kyle answered almost immediately."Hey, son, it's me. You on the other line," I asked. "You answered quickly.""Yeah, I called Steve. I haven't spoken to him since I left and I was kind of missing him," Kyle answered. I noticed he was breathing a little heavy."Look, this last photo shoot is taking longer than I anticipated. I will be running late," I said."Okay. See ya when you get home then," Kyle said. "Love ya, dad!""I love you, too, Kyle, and one last thing," I said. "Be sure to clean the handset off when you're done.""Dad!" Kyle sounded surprised. "Bye!" He clicked over to Steve. I laughed to myself. I girl preteens nude stood there for a moment and thought about it. A twinge of jealousy ran through me as I thought about Kyle having phone sex with another guy. That was the second time I had gotten jealous of my son doing something with someone else. That bothered me because I felt that he should be involved with someone his own age.I decided to put that train of though on hold. I had some portraits erotic preteen angels to finish. I walked back to the room where I had left the two brothers and stopped short in the doorway. They were embraced and kissing in the nude.Their skin was that of european preteen cuties light creamy mocha. They both had very smooth bodies. Frank had his hands on Tony's ass and was kneading them for all he was worth. It was then that I realized that Frankie was just about an inch taller. But he was slimmer. His shoulders were not as broad as his older brother's. His nipples were also pinker than Tony's. Tony's stuck out like brown little nubs. Tony was rubbing one hand over his brother's chest and holding his head with the other as they kissed. They were both hard from the kiss and I could see their cocks pressed together. Tony's dick was about 8 inches long and slim. It was perfectly straight. Frankie's was about 7 ½ inches but thicker than his sibling's. His also had a slight curve that caused it bow just a little. It looked as though if you were sixty-nining him, it would fit perfectly down your throat.I cleared my throat to let them know I was back in the room. I hated interrupting them but I was not sure where this would go if I didn't stop it now. Okay, I knew where it would go but I needed to derail that train now.Both of the young men started blushing. "Sorry," Tony said. "I guess we got a little carried away.""It happens," I said moving to the camera. "So let's get ukraine preteens gallery started.""How old is your son," Frank asked as they moved to the podium."He'll be eighteen in 3 months," I replied. preteen photo pedophilie Both of them stopped for a moment and looked at me. "It's a long story.""But you're only 31 according to your bio," Tony said."Yes I am. I will be 32 next month.""But nude preteen amateur then you were only..""Very young," I said smiling. "Now, let's get these photos taken.""We're sorry," Frankie said. "We didn't mean to pry.""That's alright," I said. A nasty little plan formed in my mind. "How about you two join us for dinner? I can answer any questions then."They exchanged glances. "Sure," Tony said.I moved them through some poses of them holding each other, looking into each other's eyes and one where they were almost kissing. Thanks to modern technology they were able to view the portraits on a computer monitor. They were both pleased.Soon after locking up the studio, they followed me to the apartment. Fortunately it ukraine preteens gallery was not too far away. "Kyle," I called opening the door. "I have company with me so I pray to god you're dressed!"Kyle stepped into view from the kitchen. He was (thank god) dressed. He was wearing a pair of short shorts and a loose fitting tank top. By the looks of it, it was one of mine. "Yes, I'm dressed," he said.I came in and allowed Tony and Frank to follow me in. They looked around the flat and then zeroed in on Kyle. He had already done the same. Apparently he liked what he saw too. "Hi, I'm Kyle," he said walking over."This is Tony and his brother Frankie," I said emphasizing the brother part. Kyle looked at me and cocked his eyebrow. preteen models illigal I nodded slightly yes to him."Curiouser and curiouser," Kyle muttered."You're his son," Frankie asked.I closed the door and motioned for everyone to move into the living area. "Yeah, it's a long and strange story," Kyle replied. I sat down in one of the oversized chairs. Before I knew what happened Kyle plopped down in my lap. "But I am willing to bet you have a story just preteen models illigal as interesting."Tony and Frankie looked at me with wide preteen rape illegal eyes for a moment. "You guys look like brothers," Tony said. They both gathered themselves together and sat down on the couch. "Not like father and son.""If you don't mind my asking, but there's only one bed.." Frankie was looking around. Kyle had been here for almost a month. I kept threatening to get him his own bed, he kept threatening to still sleep in mine. I'd actually kind of gotten used to him sleeping in my arms."Don't all sons sleep in their father's bed at some point," Kyle asked mischievously. I pinched his ass. "Ouch!""Behave," I said. "Kyle ukraine preteens gallery just moved in about three weeks ago. We're preteen galery free both still adjusting to our new relationship. See, what happened." An hour later and a phone call for Chinese delivery later, I finally wrapped up the story. Most of it anyway."Okay, but I have one question," Tony asked."Yes, we are," I replied before he could even ask. Kyle had insisted on sitting by me for the most part. I knew from the way Tony and Frank watched us (not to mention the way Kyle treated me like his lover instead of his father) that they had put two and two together. "Our relationship is not too far from your own.""That is hot," Frankie said. "Ok, you caught us kissing, would you two mind.."I looked at Kyle. He smiled at me and leaned his face upwards to chinese preteen porn my own. I bent down and kissed him. It was one of our ala preteen top slow kisses. We started with just barely touching our lips. Then we opened our mouths a little. I pulled on his lips with mine and he then traced my lips with his tongue. Next thing you know, we were sharing tongues. We made it an obvious spit swapping, tongue in throat kiss."You taste like sesame chicken," Kyle said laughing a little as we pulled apart."It's been years since someone said I tasted like chicken," I retorted. "Besides, you tasted like sweet and sour sauce.""That was incredible," Tony said."How come you don't kiss me like that," Frankie asked his brother."I would kiss you like that," Kyle said cocking his head at Frankie. Frankie looked at his brother. I could tell he wanted it."Do it," Tony whispered. He then looked at me. I motioned Tony to me. He didn't wait. He came over and just xxx preteen like Kyle had earlier, sat down in my lap. "We've never been with anyone else -- just each other.""I wondered about that," I said. I saw out of the corner of my eye Kyle and Frankie leaning in. I reached up and moved Tony's head so he could see them kiss. Kyle kissed him just as he had kissed me just a few moments before. I could feel Tony stiffen a little in my arms. "Hey, sharing can be a good thing. It helps you to cherish what you two have."Tony watched for a moment more and then turned to me. I still had my hand on his cheek. I ran it to the back of his neck and pulled him to me. His lips touched mine and I felt him tremble. He opened his lips to me so I stuck my tongue through them. I rubbed it across his teeth which were smooth and strong. I felt his tongue gently touch mine. From somewhere deep within him I felt him moan.That's when he became an animal in my arms. He pinned my head back to the chair and was kissing me with such an intensity that I almost came. After a few minutes, we broke apart. I looked into his eyes and I could see the lust glowing in them.I glanced at the other two to see how they fared. They were still kissing but Kyle was rubbing Frankie's crotch. If I knew Kyle he would sucking on something other than Frankie's tongue in a few minutes.Tony quickly removed his shirt and started tugging on mine. I helped him get it off and he began kissing me again. I let my hands ala preteen top roam over his body. As I did, I stripped his clothes off of him as well. I was finally able to fondle the cock (or one of them anyway) that had teased me at the studio. I let my fingers slide down his prick and cupped his nuts. They were nice sized and hung loose in their pouch."Now that's not fair," he muttered in my ear as he nuzzled my neck. "You still have your shorts on."He slid off of my lap and onto the floor in front of me. porn preteen model girl preteens nude "What are you going to do about it," I asked.Tony reached up and grabbed my shorts by the legs and tugged. I reached down, unfastened them and lifted my ass up a little. Next trailer preteen sex thing I knew he was tossing my shorts to the side. He ran his hands up the outside of my legs and buried his face in my crotch. He started licking the fabric of my underwear. preteen nonude xxx He tugged at it and then using his hands began peeling them off of me. In a few seconds I was just as naked as he was.I glanced over to the couch and saw that the younger two participants to our orgy were fast in a sixty-nine. I noticed that my earlier observation seemed to be true: Frankie's dick was made for sucking in that position. I watched as it slid effortlessly in and out of Kyle's throat.Just then I felt my own throbbing member being swallowed. Tony's mouth was warm and silky asain preteen model smooth. He ukraine preteens gallery obviously was a natural cocksucker. I looked down and watched as he administered his skills to my cock.He pulled off of me and held my dick before him. I knew that it was the first one he had touched other than his own or his brother's. I felt a little lucky in that. ls preteen bbs First I got to break in my own son and now I was ala preteen top the first non-related man for this boy to have sex with.He licked the tip of my dick like a lollipop a few times before going down on me again. He gave one hell of a blowjob. Before I could cum though I eased him off my dick. "Let's save it," I said. "First I want to taste you." I pulled him up and scooted to the edge of the chair.I grabbed his cock which was flat against his stomach. He was rock hard. I pulled him forward so that I could suck on his love muscle. nude preteen amateur He had a salty taste to him, probably from sweat. His dick was not extremely thick but felt erotic preteen angels right in my mouth. The skin was smooth and made for easier slurpings.Reaching behind him, I grabbed his ass cheeks in each hand and pulled him forward sinking his dick into my throat. I had to work it all the way in a little since he was so hard and it had no curve to it but the reward was worth it. I could taste his precum as I sucked him.I could hear Frankie muttering something about how hot it was watching me give his brother models preteen child head. I smiled as I heard cunt pre teen them resume their own sucking on the floor. This gave me an idea. I pulled off of Tony and motioned for him to follow me.Kyle and Frankie were on their sides still in a sixty-nine. I got behind Frankie and had Tony do the same to Kyle. I spit on my fingers and started working them into Frankie's ass. He was tight. At first he tightened up at the intrusion but then relaxed. I watched as Tony did the same to Kyle. However, if I knew my son he was more than ready for a good fucking.I lifted Frankie's leg a little and Kyle preteens supermodel toplist rimmed him briefly. He then looked up at me and stuck his tongue out. I complied by feeding him my cock. "Get him ready for daddy," I said. After getting erotic preteen angels me all lubed up Kyle guided my prick to Frankie's hole while going back down on the boy.It took a few seconds but my dick popped into Frankie's ass. He let out a muffled grunt just as I heard Kyle hiss his approval. I assumed that Tony had not only found his mark but sunk his root shaved preteen teens to the bone.It took a moment for Frankie to adjust to having his ass filled. From the tightness I assumed this was his first time being penetrated. I slowly started pushing more of my cock into his anal passage. It took a little patience and some effort but soon I was working my way in and out of his ass.He was good too. He kept tightening his muscles as I would push in making the fit even tighter. After a few more minutes, I reached down to hold Kyle's head still as I began pumping in and out of Frankie's ass harder. The harder I fucked Frankie, the more of his dick was pushed into Kyle's throat. In effect it was like fucking my son's face but with the feel of a tight ass.Just as I was about to explode I saw Tony lean toward me. I did the same and we met in a kiss. That was all she wrote. I felt my cock let loose and I groaned. Just then I felt Frankie's ass tighten into a vise with my cock shoved all the way in. From the convulsions I felt he must have been coming too. I broke from Tony's kiss to realize that I had set off a chain reaction. Kyle started shooting into Frankie's mouth after swallowing Frankie's first couple of shots. His own orgasm caused him to clamp down on Tony who then began shooting his joy juice up Kyle's ass.After several minutes and peeling ourselves apart, we all lay on the floor. Frankie and I had managed to get the couch behind us with our respective relatives in our laps. "That was incredible," Tony said resting his head on Frankie's shoulder.Kyle was actually between my legs laying with his back to my chest. "I thought you two would never fuck us," he said. "My ass still tingles."Tony blushed at that. "We've never tried that before," he admitted."You just wait til we get home," Frankie said hugging him. "I want to try it with you.""That would be worth seeing," I muttered."Maybe we can get together again," Frankie asked.I pulled him to me. "I think that would be a good idea," I said kissing him lightly on the lips.
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Saturday, July 21st 2012

12:00 AM

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